30 Hours in Haiti – Feb. 9. 2010

The air in Port au Prince is ripe with death. Buildings flatten countless lives crunched in the quake. Bedding, broken plates, night tables and shatter lives oozing like jelly from sandwiches made of stone. Roads ripped like torn tissue. The people are crying for help. Desperation is in the air. Tensions are high.

Yet here in the midst of crises there is hope.

The kids in the makeshift tent cities are playing ball and smiling. Still Haitians smile as you wave. They still need the love of a Savor…. And many of the Believers we’ve met are very involved in the recovery, the church is engaged. The love of Christ is being extended in very practical, tangible ways.

Friday as the sun rose we were 90 min outside Port au Prince, served 200 families with food that will last 3 days in this remote village; Orangers. They are a 6 hour walk from the nearest major roadway. Pastor Andre told us that we were the first relief they have seen since the earthquake. What a thrill. They have no electricity, running water, but last Friday night they ate a hot meal because of YOU.

At the “Mission” downtown Port au Prince in the afternoon we handed out 27,000 meals in a very organized fashion, feeding and praying for 2,250 (the food will last these people for 3 days.)  2,300 water purification systems will be installed in 30 days. That is a big deal.

What a day it has been.

We’re dirty, grime everywhere and sweating out each pore…. but all highly fulfilled. I wish so much you all could have been here. Amid the chaos and horrific condition we were able to be Light to the people of Haiti. We are Christ’s feet extended here in Port-a u-Prince. Our influence, YOUR influence is being felt.

Here’s a status update as of this writing;

All nine distribution centers are up and functional but running low on supplies. Containers are here and we are due to get supplies delivered today- 20 tons going to various distribution centers.

More than 2.4 million meals have been served to over 500,000 people. Important to note that everyone we serve is also prayed over or with.

Over 2,500,000 lbs of food are in the pipeline between Haiti and the USA

Our humanitarian partners (Convoy of Hope) rock. They have people on the ground making it real. Even in the craziness of the nights (guns shots in the distance, people talking loudly, dogs barking) they are at work moving people and supplies.

As I stood there in the dust of Haiti handing out meals I felt spiritual pride. I have never been more proud of our leadership at Inspiration Networks, our staff and our global Inspiration Partners. With the aide of our humanitarian partners on the ground we are doing what needs to be done! Caring for the least.

As I sat on the tarmac awaiting our airlift out it came to me in a rush: If not US then Who? If not NOW then When? Caring for the poorest of the poor is not an option. It is a directive… read the manuscript. 2013 Times it is made mention of in the scriptures: If it’s important to God if needs to be important to US. As a believer in Christ you cannot opt out of caring for those suffering in Haiti.

It is now OUR turn. www.convoyofhope.org

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