5 Social Media Tips for New Users

Launching into the world of social media can drive a you crazy. There is a learning curve when it comes to becoming more social online, and it can take a while to learn what works and what doesn’t. And yes, there is a difference between your personal and your business lives online.  Here are a few tips that can help you save time while growing your social media world.

1. Quit dragging your feet and start

Start small. Oftentimes new-peeps sign up for every social network on the planet and try to grow all of them. Building profiles for multiple social sites is hard work, so pick two at first.

Once you find the right ones for you and your brand, then start to narrow your focus on those. Eventually you may want to scale your social media strategy to include more services, but you have to crawl before you can walk.

Start small, and then grow to other social networks as your confidence grows. Success breeds success.

2. Get a “thingamajig” widget

Put a widget up on your site for your social networks. The best place to find followers is your own blog or site. Also, it’s much easier to get your readers and friends to vote or retweet your content than strangers. Adding a widget next to your content can help. Remember to test you widgets frequently. They don’t always stay in connected with the sites they are attached to.

3. Don’t create  friction for your followers

Unfortunately, lots of people and companies that are just starting out with social media think the best way to “promote” their brand is to publish coupons, offers, news, and anything else related to their business. Remember the word is “social” media. So if it’s something you personally wouldn’t like to receive from a friend, don’t send it. It takes a while to organically build up a great social profile. Focus on building great content and being helpful, and the followers will come.

4. Always remain teachable

Everyone has a different strategy when it comes to social media, and sometimes it’s best to take a look at people who are real social media experts. Mike Hyatt is a good example of someone using Twitter and Facebook to help people, which in turn grows his social media influence.

When people think of social media, they typically think of Twitter or Facebook. But there are literally hundreds (maybe thousands?) of social media networks and sites that you can use to help promote your brand. Jut because a network isn’t huge doesn’t mean it’s not going to impact your social media strategy. Oftentimes targeted niche social sites can bring more targeted traffic to your site than larger sites.

5. Get rid of your pride. It’ll chase followers away.

Social media beginners often try to quickly establish themselves as “experts” within their field, but they have nothing to back it up. (For example, search for “social media experts” on Twitter. You’ll find many with only a handful of followers. Shouldn’t an “expert” have more?)

As with anything in life, nobody likes a know-it-all. Be humble. Ask questions. Teach, but don’t preach. Let others do the hyping for you. And they will if you’re helpful and humble.

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