Japanese Pastor: “Please Pray For Us”

The news has been filled with the sights and sounds of the crises currently unfolding in Japan. The nuclear dimension adding a significant catastrophic turn in the saga. But I just watched a clip on one of the cable networks and was struck by a comment that came from a Japanese man titled “Pastor.” His words struck me to my core.

“Please,” he pleaded, “pray for us.”

It was the simplest of requests. He didn’t yell or scream or point his finger. He simply looked into the lens of the video camera and with great dignity asking for pray for he, his family and his people. I must admit that it had not cross my mind to stop and pray for the people of Japan.

Much of our culture is about doing. Certainly organizations like Convoy of Hope’s response to the crisis in Japan has been awe inspiring.  Their Disaster Response Command Center has been in full operation since the earthquake. Teams have been deployed to the region. Emergency supplies are en route to the ravaged areas. This is good and we must do more.

But the most influential thing we could do for the people in Japan is to spend a few minutes in ernest prayer for them. “The fervent prayer of the righteous availeth much.”

Convoy of Hope www.convoyofhope.org is in direct contact with their partners in Japan and have wired funds for the purchase of emergency food and supplies.  A team of relief workers was also deployed carrying in one hundred water filtration.  They were instructed to remain in the Philippines until our medical advisers believe the radiation threat has subsided.  Meanwhile their 20-ton containers filled with water, food and emergency supplies are scheduled to arrive in Tokyo.

And certainly the need is great. A disaster this large will cost billions. And we know that the physical needs for the people of Japan are; blankets, tents, food, water, flash lights, and the list goes on… but what they really need now is the Peace of Christ and the Protection of the Almighty.

Spend 120 seconds in prayer for the healing of the hurts for the people of Japan, the relief workers from around the world and the arrival of necessary resources AND Protection for this nuclear crises.

Prayer is our greatest point of Influence



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