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As a new day begins in Asia the world watches the drama unfold in Japan. There is a sense that the worst news is still ahead. New video shows more extensive damages than originally thought. The death toll rises by the hour, the pain is unimaginable, the suffering is great and the true impact of 8.9 magnitude earthquake and trailing tsunami will not be known for days, maybe weeks. Its hard to sit in our comfort and really understand what it must be like on the ground but we know… it is not good. It is our turn to use our influence to help those in need.

Earthquake and tsunami strike Japan, Convoy of Hope responds

Soon after the earthquake struck, Convoy of Hope’s Disaster Response team established connection with in-country partners who are currently assessing the damage and identifying the needs and areas where Convoy of Hope may be of the greatest assistance.

“Our first order of business was to make contact with our partners in Japan to check on their welfare,” says Karen Benson, director of Global Disasters for Convoy of Hope. “Now we are monitoring the tsunami waves that are headed for Hawaii and the West Coast and will respond as needed.”

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Ron Showers, director of Global Outreach, is on the ground in Honolulu and last night he left his hotel and moved to higher ground after tsunami sirens started to sound. Today is working to assess the damage and prepare a team to advance in to the areas where there is the most need.

“Thousands of people fled the low-lying areas,” he says. “Gas stations were packed with people trying to get fuel, many locals and tourists fled to high ground and sought shelter in hospitals and high school gyms.”

According to Benson, the Disaster Response team will closely monitor further developments and move forward with plans to help the victims of the disasters.

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