Launching a start up focus on Purpose, Mission and Vision.

No single, ubiquitous, family safe media platform exists for the 2.5b Christians in the world. The current platforms are segmented across broadcast, cable and satellite outlets or single websites or apps with no consideration for compatibility, continuity, congruency or consistency.

Here is where I see opportunity.

My heart purpose has long been to see… “the earth shall be filled with the knowledge of the glory of the Lord, as the waters cover the sea.” Habakkuk 2:14

To that end we are focused on the mission of – to help people discover God’s vision for life.

The vision of is to become the global aggregator, curator, distributor and producer of high-quality Christian content… Christian TV networks, Christian Radio, Christian Concerts, Christian Conferences, Christian Events, Christian movies, Christian entertainment, Christian TV for kids, Christian Retail and Bible studies.

tvChaz is a safe media ecosystem for the entire family; Entertaining, Equipping and Empowering Christians worldwide….

tvChaz Features & ADVANTAGES
• Streaming Linear Channels are FREE
• Kids On Demand are FREE
• Bible Studies On Demand are FREE
• Radio & Audio Streams are FREE
• Family & Christian Movies On Demand require PAYMENT
• Concerts & Conferences (Events) On Demand require PAYMENT
• Retail purchases require PAYMENT

If we can pray, work and focus on our purpose, mission and vision… we will see success.

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