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A problem worth solving:

No single, ubiquitous, family safe media platform exists for the 2.5b Christians in the world. The current platforms are segmented across broadcast, cable and satellite outlets or single websites or apps with no consideration for compatibility, continuity, congruency or consistency.


tvChaz is a subscription streaming service that allows Christians to watch a wide variety of inspiring messages by the world’s best speakers, a broad selection of live tv channels, award-winning Bible stories told by talented story tellers. tvChaz is a safe media ecosystem for the entire family; Entertaining, Equipping and Empowering Christians worldwide.

With tvChaz, you can enjoy unlimited viewing of our content without having to watch a single commercial.

Chaz is derived from the Hebrew word “chazown” meaning “vision.” tvChaz seeks to influence Believers to discover their “chazown” by providing meaningful, targeted faith-based content delivered at the time that fits their life, on their device of choice.

tvChaz – Presents the best Christian conferences live and on demand from around the world in partnership with elite, top tier ministries. For example; Gateway Church, Victory Church, Free Chapel, International Christian Embassy Jerusalem, Dare to Be Conferences, Inspiration Ministries (ICEJ), Fellow of Israel Related Ministries (FIRM), Charisma Media, Planetskahers, National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference (NHCLC), Morris Cerullo World Evangelism, Rod Parsley Ministries, Oak Hills Church and many others.

tvChaz – Presents the very best inspirational speakers who know how and are anointed to deliver a word from the Lord directly to the heart of the people: Helping people discover God’s vision for their life. Some of the speakers are: TD Jakes, Robert Morris, Jentezen Franklin, Jimmy Evans, Josh Morris, Ken Ulmer, Russell and Sam Evans, Sammy Rodriguez, Mark Rutland, Francis Chan, Robert Madu, Paul Daugherty, Jonathan Chan, Real Talk Kim, Wayne Hilsden, Mark Driscoll, Katie Souza and many others.

tvChaz – Delivers some of the most popular, most watched live Christian TV Channels directly to you. Example: Godtv, INI (Inspiration Network International) , CBN News (Christian Broadcasting Network), ISN (It’s Supernatural Network with Sid Roth), CTN (Christian Television Network), (CVTN) Cornerstone Television, PTL (Praise the Lord Network), Spirit tv, BVOVN (Believers Voice of Victory Network)…. with more added monthly.

tvChaz – Presents Bible stories in a contemporary, unique and meaningful manner. The Lumo Project tells the story of the gospels in a visually stunning manner; beautifully shot in 35m film, capture the scripture word for word. The Bible Project  is the Bible as told in a contemporary fashion appealing to today’s culture. Hugh Osgood from London delivers amazing, candid discussions of the some of the most controversial topics in scripture in Honest Theology. David Cerullo of Inspiration Ministries delivers a short daily devotional that Strengthens Your Walk.


Helping People Discover God’s Vision for Life: Anywhere, Anytime on any device.

Our desire is for God’s vision — His “chazown” — to be embedded into people’s life. “Without vision people perish.” tvChaz is a multimedia platform for the entire family; entertaining, equipping and empowering Christians worldwide. We encourage you to visit us often, and follow us on Social Media.

tvChaz is available through all web platforms and IP outlets worldwide and was created and is managed by Christian leaders from the broadcast media, finance, digital technologies and academic industries.  It is not affiliated with any specific denomination.

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